Links 3/3/11

A balmy….27 degrees. At least the link supply isn’t frozen. Science:
Reviving 100-year-old resting spores of diatoms
Electric Vehicles: Myths vs. Reality
Nobel Prize-winning chemist Kary Mullis offers a radical new way to treat infectious diseases as the effectiveness of our current antibiotics wanes
The Education of Jennifer Miller: An Update from the Frontline in the Fight against the Anti-Evolution Agenda
Top Six Revelations in the Call Between Fake David Koch and Governor Scott Walker
Michelle Rhee takes her education approach and union busting nationwide
Scott Walker’s ruthless ambition: From my own experience in Milwaukee, I’ve seen how the Wisconsin governor operates. Union-busting is his pitch for 2012
House GOP Spending Cuts Would Prevent 10,000 Low-Income Veterans From Receiving Housing Assistance
Economics and Bosses
New York’s school testing con: How state officials falsely inflated the school graduation rate — leaving a generation of kids unprepared
Another Look at Keynesianism and the Great Stagnation
Villagers: Americans are too dumb to make decisions

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  1. Russell says:

    27 is balmy. We hit only 25 here in central Texas.
    We are speaking Celsus, right?

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