Links 3/1/11

What a difference a good night’s sleep makes. Links for you. Science:
It just changes – that’s all
Pretty Harvestmen (didn’t even know they could be colored like this)
Quotations from Richard Lewontin
The Decline Effect Is Stupid (I think <a href="“>my explanation is far more straightforward)
Scott Walker’s unprincipled rigidity
Oscar Week in Mannionville: Why I gave The Black Swan the skip. Been there, done that, bought them breakfast. (glad to see Lance is back in the saddle)
Get Your Kid Off Your Facebook Page: Why do women hide behind their children?
Fairer Tax Reporting, Finally (Evan Bayh deserves credit for this. There, I said it…)
The Terrorists Have Won (on douchebags in Boston’s Public Garden)
Time Is Money (interesting take on the economics of publishing–from the author’s perspective)
Silicon Valley hubris watch, Mary Meeker edition–also see Adam Serwer who skewers Sara Lacy’s ‘facts’
I Don’t Want to be a Teacher Any More (heartbreaking)

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