Links 2/15/11

54F yesterday, 25F today. Oh well, we still have links. Science
Q&A: The insidious — and incestuous — risks of genetic testing
How to Photograph Army Ants
Why havent we cured cancer yeeeeeet?
Friday Sprog Blogging: science fair experimental design.
What would you do with $500 million? (interesting post about research in New Zealand)
Deficit Hawks Down: The Misconstrued “Facts” Behind Their Hype
Michelle Rhee, first-year teacher
LOW HANGING. AND DIMINUTIVE. (about Republican budget cuts)
NPF: THE LAND OF SMILING MILKMEN (the 1950s must have involved some serious drug use…)
The anti-abortion lobby’s gotcha tactics: Lila Rose’s misleading Live Action videos tried to entrap Planned Parenthood. In fact, they expose a moralist’s utter lack of ethics
Let’s say good-bye to the straw-feminist
Late Night On The Subway

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