Links 12/19/10

I’ve hit the green gooey phase in my cold (that’s actually a good thing). Yippee!! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:
‘Rockstars of Science’ hurt the cause of science education
How the Republican Party broke up with Science
New Obama Scientific Integrity Memo Is Late And Vague
Yet another reason why the Wolfe-Simon conclusion is so improbable
What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?
The GOP Is Eating Obama’s Lunch
The Torture Culture
Thug Nation
Late Night: The Midnight Hate on Paul Revere

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2 Responses to Links 12/19/10

  1. Katharine says:

    Mike, how is it you manage to choose articles that do such a good job of making me hate the species I’m a part of?

  2. Greg Laden says:

    The next phase is brown, then red, then you die (or not, about 50-50). Well, not really, but I had that cold and it is a gooey one for sure.

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