A Very Simple Answer to Paul Krugman’s Question About “Focus”

Paul Krugman, in a recent column, asks the following regarding the bogus claim by former Blue Dog Democrat and current corporate lobbyist (nice retirement plan) Evan Bayh that Democrats were too focused on healthcare:

After all, are people who say that Mr. Obama should have focused on the economy saying that he should have pursued a bigger stimulus package? Are they saying that he should have taken a tougher line with the banks? If not, what are they saying? That he should have walked around with furrowed brow muttering, “I’m focused, I’m focused”?

Regarding Bayh and the rest of the dwindling Blue Dog Democrats, I’m going with door number three.

Of course Blue Dog Democrats aren’t going to regulate banks or increase spending (which would lead to calls for increased taxes): they are wholly-owned subsidiaries of banks and the rich.
Besides, Blue Dogs don’t actually do stuff, but, instead, hope that talking about doing stuff will do.

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