Links 7/14/10

It’s a wild and wacky Wednesday, in no small part because I got my parking ticket expunged (the BPD was actually very efficient about this). Yes, regular readers will wonder how I, He Who Does Not Own a Car, got a parking ticket in the first place. Somethings are best left unsaid….Science links:
The Creativity Crisis. For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong–and how we can fix it.
Solar-Powered Plane Flies for 26 Hours
Go it alone? or form a collective?
Belly-buttons key to success in sport: study
Comments on the “Synthetic Cell”
Failed Infrastructure, Failed Media
The Tender Mercies of Veal Pen Economists
Waiting for Gandhi
Major SUNY Donor Links an Even Bigger Gift to Flexibility on Setting Tuition
Preventing 2006

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2 Responses to Links 7/14/10

  1. human says:

    The link to the “Failed Infrastructure, Failed Media” post seems to be broken. Has the post gone away or is it just a bad link?

  2. Freetham Choade says:

    Belly-buttons key to success in sport: study
    That one is not a science link, it is a “science” link. Read it and wait for the eye-roll.

    “what matters is not total height but the position of the belly-button, or center of gravity


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