More of Schenck’s Faith-Based Scentmarking for Jesus

By way of ScienceBlogling Ed Brayton, we discover that the Right Reverend Schenck is back in action, anointing political structures hither and yon. From Ed (italics mine):

This week begins the confirmation hearings for President Obama’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. I waited for that announcement before making one of my own: A firm foundation of prayer has been laid for this confirmation process.
Today, Wednesday morning, Rev. Pat Mahoney and I went to the US Senate Office Building across the street from our ministry center.

Upon arrival, we proceeded to the hearing room doors, and, following biblical and long-held Christian traditions, anointed them with oil as a symbol of consecration, or a setting apart for God’s purpose

As I prayed, I touched the lintel and doorposts, as the Israelites were commanded to do on the First Passover. In respect for the Jewish heritage of Miss Kagan, which I share with her, I also prayed portions of Psalm 97 in Hebrew and English.
Then Pat and I prayed for God to superintend over the entire confirmation process and mark it with truth because Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” and He prayed to His Father, saying, “Thy Word is Truth.” In our nation’s capital, so often marked by deception and deal-making, we need Truth!

We’ve encounted Schenck before at the Alito hearings:

From the archives, where it was titled “At Least It’s Not Crisco…:

…or K-Y jelly. From the Wall Street Journal via Salon:

The Wall Street Journal has just reported that three Christian ministers claim to have snuck into a Senate hearing room in order to anoint the chairs that will be used for Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearing next week.
“We did adequately apply oil to all the seats,” the Rev. Rob Schenck tells the Journal. Schenck and his colleagues insisted that they aren’t taking sides in the confirmation fight. But Schenck said that God is “interested” in “what goes on” in Alito’s confirmation process

Isn’t all this oil going to ruin someone’s suit?
Update: How were three people able to sneak into a Senate hearing room? What if it had been something more dangerous like ricin? We’re definitely winning the war on terror.

These nuts just don’t quit.

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  1. Loden Urpantz says:

    It would have been more helpful to anoint the hinges with 3-in-1.

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