Links 6/10/10

Thank goodness it’s… Thursday. Damn. Science links:
Worth a Thousand Words (on Bluefin tuna and the BP oil spill)
Humpback whales form friendships that last years
The ASCO Meeting: The swag!
The Uncertain Impact of Merit Pay for Teachers
A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing
Anonymous attack from White House on labor backfiring big time

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  1. That attack from the White House had backfire written all over it from the moment that I read it in the news. Nothing like another Dem President kicking his base in a move that will curry no favor from anyone on any side of any aisle.
    As for the tuna post… With the amount of oil gushing there, still, it will probably hurt their breeding cycle for years to come… If they manage to survive this man made disaster.
    And cool!
    “Dr Christian Ramp and colleagues of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study group based in St Lambert, Canada have been studying whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence since 1997.”
    I grew up in St. Lambert. Seems to me they might actually see more whales if they headed up towards Gaspe, though, rather than hanging in the ‘burbs of Montreal? lol 🙂

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