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CDOs and Financial Scum Are Important, but the Underlying Problem Was Big Sh-tpile

Or, if you prefer, the housing bubble that started well before the onslaught of CDOs.
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Thursday Links

Merry Thursday. Links for you.
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Narcissism, CEOs, and Academia

It’s not very common in academia, for a simple reason.
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Chickens for Healthcare!

Republican candidate for Nevada’s senate seat Sue Lowden thinks bartering farm animals is a way to control healthcare costs. No, really. The final step in the devolution of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose into Glenn Beck’s downer cow.
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The Canard of ‘Responsible Fiscal Policy’

Regardless of one’s policy objectives, the deficit is an account balance. Whether or not it is a statement about the health of the economy depends on how we accumulate that deficit
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Palin and the Rise of the Political Televangelist

Since Palin’s a ‘political’ televangelist, why should we be surprised by an ‘elite’ lifestyle?
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MA Hospital Infection Rates Released: Why ‘Hospital Choice’ Won’t Solve the Resistance Problem

The Massachusetts data show that the report card idea is pretty useless due to statistical power problems.
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More Brutal Turkey Terrorism

The Heroic Struggle Against Our Demonic Turkey Overlords has not abated. Now they are assaulting the basic workings of our government.
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Once Again, Professional Science Communicators Blame the Victim

This is as stupid as blaming a working ob/gyn for the lobbying failures of NARAL. By blaming generic ‘scientists’, Kirshenbaum simutaneously misidentifies the problem, while reinforcing negative stereotypes.
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Sunday Links

There’s some kinda local race tomorrow or something. While I figure that out, here are some links.
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