Sunday Links

There’s some kinda local race tomorrow or something. While I figure that out, here are some links. Science:
E. coli illnesses at 5-year low in US
ClimateGate Inquiry: No Scientific Misconduct From “Squeaky Clean” Researchers
Lack of Trained Workforce Still an Obstacle to Smart Grid Success
E. O. Wilson was wrong!
Why Do Academics Write?
Why Athletes Are Geniuses: Neuroscientists have found several ways in which the brains of top-notch athletes seem to function better than those of regular folks
“Something Called ‘Volcano Monitoring’ “
The Ghost of Bobby Lee
A Call for Action: BMInt readers who care about the BPL are asked to stand up for it.
Guest Post: Regulators and Industry Insiders KNEW We Were in a Housing Bubble
Why The World Is Headed For A Balance Sheet Recession
10 Ways to Force the Stinking Rich to Share Their Wealth: How rich people can stop whining about the deficit and start paying their taxes.
Screw mortgages, here’s the real banking crisis
On today’s “parties”, particularly in Boston
The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class
Going Postal in the Digital Era
The charge is murder
The Boston Massacre wasn’t what you might think. A historian argues for a new interpretation of an iconic American event.
Elena Kagan and the West-Wingification of the Left

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  1. hipparchia says:

    blegging… speaking of deficit hawks, some of us lefty/liberal bloggers are helping set up a counter-conference, april 28 in washington dc, to try to counter pete peterson’s upcoming deficit hysteria conference and we’re looking for all the lefty/liberal blog publicity we can get!

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