More Brutal Turkey Terrorism

On this Patriot’s Day, we must never forget that the Heroic Struggle Against Our Demonic Turkey Overlords has not abated. Now they are assaulting the basic workings of our government:
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(from here)

Preventing the Boston Transportation Department from the appointed rounds! (and Intelligent Designer knows, we need the revenue).
Have they no decency?

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4 Responses to More Brutal Turkey Terrorism

  1. Gaythia says:

    Are the residents of Massachusetts aware that the rest of us are blithely going about our daily lives today with nary a thought directed towards patriotism nor the Battles of Lexington and Concord this Patriots’ Day? (I know that this is what you are supposed to be celebrating because I just looked it up on Wikipedia, which also informed me I was to put the apostrophe after the s.)
    Has this been brought to the attention of the Turkey overlords? Should you have been allowed to sneak an extra three day weekend in? Does this make you more patriotic than the rest of us?

  2. Kate from Iowa says:

    This kind of opression calls for absolute barbarism!
    (they’re yummy)

  3. Lora says:

    Thank you! I love these stories of urban free-range poultry.
    It could be worse, though–yesterday one of my (domestic) toms attempted to mate with me. His new name is Captain Kirk. I gotta admit, he’s got pretty blue eyes…

  4. Mokele says:

    We found one wandering our neighborhood in Providence when walking the dog, who got this expression that clearly showed he’d never wanted anything more in his doggy life.

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