There Will Be Books: Raven Used Books Opens in Boston

One of the things Newbury Street has lacked is a used book store. Now it has one: Raven Used Books. This could be really bad as it’s about four minutes away. Unlike most Boston area used book stores, Raven Used Books’ business model isn’t to sell really expensive rare books and then stock the rest of the shelves with crap. They actually have lots of books you want to read at very low prices, along with books that you either can’t order online or would be really expensive to do so (it seems they focus on buying leftovers from college and independent bookstores, not buying by the pound from estates of dead people).
Yesterday, I overheard in the store, “We should go back to the Gap and return everything, and buy these instead.” (and I think they did).
I’m going to have to be very careful….

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3 Responses to There Will Be Books: Raven Used Books Opens in Boston

  1. bioephemera says:

    Ooh, this sounds very dangerous indeed. Good thing I’m all the way out in Cambridge.

  2. Moopheus says:

    b: being in Cambridge doesn’t save you, since they have a shop in Havard Square. The original store in Noho is nice too.
    Of course, for many years, Newbury St. did have a great used bookstore, Avenue Victor Hugo, which sadly closed a few years ago.

  3. iseut says:

    Yay! Yay! Since the Ave. Victor Hugo left, the only reason to go to Newbury Street has been the Trident. Yay!

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