But At Least Conservatives, Unlike Liberals, Aren’t Condescending

A couple of weeks ago, The Washington Post ran a piece by Gerard Alexander about how liberals are condescending towards conservative ideas, because those ideas suck ass. With that, by way of Digby, I give you a speaker from CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference):

At CPAC this morning, Young America’s Foundation spokesman Jason Mattera kicked off his speech by suggesting progressives are ugly, rambling, druggies:

MATTERA: It’s always a delight to participate in CPAC. This is like our Woodstock. Except, unlike the left gathering, our women are beautiful, we speak in complete sentences, and our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine…which is certainly one thing that separates us from Barack Obama.

Yep, condescension towards stupid ideas (and the idiots who hold them in spite of evidence to the contrary) is bad, but what Mattera said is just the way ‘real’ Americans think. Or something. IOKIYAR.
I wouldn’t even line a bird cage with The Post

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7 Responses to But At Least Conservatives, Unlike Liberals, Aren’t Condescending

  1. llewelly says:

    The bit about complete sentences is largely true. After all, “No!” is a complete sentence, and it compromises 98% of their speech since January 20, 2009.

  2. BaldApe says:

    The Washington Post had fallen very far from the days when, in the words of John Phillip Sousa, it was “one of the world’s great newspapers.”
    Funny thing is, even with that kind of crap being published, wingnuts still call it Pravda on the Potomac.
    BTW, complete sentences- overrated.

  3. Phillip IV says:

    we speak in complete sentences

    Well, admittedly, Mattera’s statements are typically referred to as ‘complete’. Usually followed by the word ‘bullshit’.

    and our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine

    No, that was back during the Reagan administration – much too wholesome for modern day Republicans. Their notion of freedom consists of snorting cocaine through a rolled-up hundred dollar bill from the chest of a tied-up, underage, male hooker on a Church altar.

  4. RightWing Extremist says:

    “After all, “No!” is a complete sentence, and it compromises 98% of their speech since January 20, 2009. ”
    That’s right.
    NO – to socialist HELLthecare madates
    NO – to the crap and trade bill that hurts to jobs and businesses while ignoring that global warming is not real
    NO – to fake marriage (homo unionized groups)
    NO – to anti second amendment anything
    NO – to stimulus that provides more money to union thugs rather than the businesses that really need the money
    NO – to bailouts that do nothing but put us further in debt.
    NO – to union thugs period
    The party of NO only if the payrty of marxist socialism / unionis/ gayism / swine flu vaccine pusherism/ non global warmingism is pushing a radical agenda that will kill this country. If you wish to live in Hell, then just wait until you die and leave the rest of us out of it.

  5. JohnV says:

    What’s hilarious is I can’t tell if the above comment is mocking reactionary jerk offs or if the person is actually one of them.

  6. WIll says:

    Yeah us hippies sure dig the cocaine!

  7. Rob Monkey says:

    Rightwing, you should let Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, et. al. know about these “homo unionized groups,” I think they’d want to join! Are the dues pretty stiff? Do you have to really kiss a lot of ass to get to the top?
    Nobody’s gonna address the beautiful women comment? I tells ya, that Anne Coulter is some hot . . . uh, I mean that Cheney girl is a sweet piece of . . . shit, well let me tell you about Michelle “Cougar” Bachmann . . . ah the hell with it, ok, so they don’t have hot women, but they DO have really really repressed Brides o’ Jebus who wear some pretty neato sequinned kitty sweaters!
    “Our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine.” It apparrently consists of warrantless wiretapping, unending war, and nominating candidates with all the intelligence of a used condom full of Todd Palin’s semen. Really brings back that scene in Braveheart: “FREEEEDOM!!!!!”

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