Sunday Links

I’m enjoying the Nor’easter, so here are some fun links for you. Science:

Error-riddled ‘Superfreakonomics’: New book pushes global cooling myths, sheer illogic, and “patent nonsense” — and the primary climatologist it relies on, Ken Caldeira, says “it is an inaccurate portrayal of me” and “misleading” in “many” places.
Error-riddled ‘Superfreakonomics’, Part 2: Who else have Nathan Myhrvold and the Groupthinkers at Intellectual Ventures duped and confused? Would you believe Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?
The Shoddy Statistics of Super Freakonomics
An Open Letter to Bill Maher on Vaccinations
Consensus, what is it good for?
Why Newspapers are Dying: George Will Has Reached His Sell-By Date edition
The best & the brightest capturing their value-add
Goldman Sachs: ‘Trading With Advantages’
The Dominance of the Financial Sector Has Become a Mortal Danger to Our Economic Security
How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance’s Five Fatal Flaws
The Service-less Service Economy
Where there’s a (George) Will there’s a way (to be a preening, pompous ass)
Wall Street Smarts
How CBO budget scoring devalues efficiency … WITH PUPPIES!

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