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The Maturation of Charter Schools and Their Teachers

We need to realize that teaching is a skilled profession and should be compensated as such, regardless of the school administrative structure.
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Why Don’t People Understand the Concept of Tax Brackets?

It’s remarkable that people think that increases in the top tax bracket are ‘retroactive’ towards lower brackets.
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On Work and Time in Science

How long do you work as a scientist, and why is that?
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Sunday Links

Here are some interesting links.
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When Compulsive Centrist Disorder Isn’t Centrist: The Healthcare Edition

If you are going to claim the mantle of the ‘center’, you should not oppose a policy like the public option in healthcare that is supported by 72% of Americans.
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Boston in the 1920s: Conservative

An aerial view of Boston in the 1920s
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Saturday Sermon: The Politics of Hopelessness

Hope without results isn’t much hope at all.
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