Did I Mention That The Boston Globe Was a Joke?

A while ago, I argued that The Boston Globe is basically useless, and should go out of business. Some people took exception to that, including readers I know from the ‘meat world.’ And then The Globe published an op-ed by a creationist.

Fortunately, ScienceBlogling Jason Rosenhouse blasts the op-edo, so I don’t have to (seriously, they’re not even trying to come up with novel yet still stupid ideas. It’s just the same old shit).
Since the op-ed was published, I’ve received several emails from people who thought I was wrong, but, now, have cancelled their subscriptions. I’ll write this again, because the BoGlo editors are clearly fucking morons: the biological sciences are one of our largest industries. Why would you publish this thoroughly debunked and discredited garbage? It’s one thing if this were unpopular opinions, but, as Jason notes, it’s counterfactual idiocy. There’s no possible public service, and all this does is alienate your readers.
So stupid. I know the demise of a free press is bad, but why should I worry about this particular free press?

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4 Responses to Did I Mention That The Boston Globe Was a Joke?

  1. NewEnglandBob says:

    There is one problem. The Boston Globe is still far better than all the other papers in New England. The Boston Herald isn’t even useful as toilet paper and most of the local suburban daily papers are dreadful.

  2. Tony P says:

    And I thought the Providence Journal (ProJo) was bad. Makes me glad I don’t read the Globe.

  3. william e emba says:

    And the NYT let Michael Behe drivel on their op-ed page too. They’re all morons.

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