Technology Isn’t Easy for Everyone

One of the things people seem to forget in the midst of all of the internet-age triumphalism is that some people just are not technophiles, as this hysterical satire by way of Mark Wilson illustrates:

This makes one appreciate good public health programs that have figured out how to communicate to their target audiences….

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3 Responses to Technology Isn’t Easy for Everyone

  1. Burrow Owl says:

    I spend part of my week working in a retirement community- this video may be satire, but it’s a pretty accurate description of reality 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Will this bring jack benny back? That has to be one of he best lines ever

  3. Tony P says:

    Makes me so glad I grew up around the same time technology did.
    I can even crimp new ends onto CATV cable. I have the tools.
    Then again, I also have the tools so I can punch down a network or telecom patch panel and jacks.

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