What the Mad Biologist Is Reading

Here are some links for you. Science and medicine firstest:

Life-shortening bacteria vs. dengue mosquitoes
Anti-vaccination = anti-feminist?
Teach Your Children Well
DIY BIO: clone at home but kill them later
Let The Science Speak For Itself
On Being Remembered in 2009…
Other stuff:
Can Partisanship Save Citizenship?
CBS newsman’s $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow
Dennis Prager: Divorce In A Bottle
Sports, Test Scores, and the Difference Between Science and Journalism
Former Merrill Lynch executive pays 37 million for NYC apartment (with taxpayer money)
The Gunman’s Veto
Hipparchia on healthcare
Rick Warren needs to evolve
Brand Management
You Know Who We Really Hate?
Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and the American Okee-doke
Gaza and the Rationality of the Weak
Trying to ‘teach Hamas a lesson’ is fundamentally wrong
Will Facts Matter Again?
The Great Depression, Pt. II
Why They Fight

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