Can We Just Pay the Loyal Bushies to Stay Home for the Remainder of Little Lord Pontchartrain’s Reign?

The Surgeon General urges that creationist dumbitude only be viewed through the StupidVu 9000 or other approved viewing device
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson is a very ignorant man. Sorry, he might get offended by that. Allow me to be more accurate: he’s a creationist. Oh boy:

Johnson — not a Ph.D. scientist — received his bachelor of arts degree in biology from Taylor University, “an evangelical, interdenominational covenant community committed to advancing life-long learning and ministering the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.” His Taylor adviser, biology professor Timothy Burkholder told the Inquirer that the school teaches a religion-inflected view of evolution:

We would adhere to the view that God is the creator of all things and in charge of our lives, and I think Steve recognizes that and did from the beginning.

When questioned by reporters, Johnson admitted he does not distinguish a “clean-cut division” between religion and science:

It’s not a clean-cut division. If you have studied at all creationism vs. evolution, there’s theistic or God-controlled evolution and there’s variations on all those themes.

Clearly Johnson studied “creationism vs. evolution”–and failed.

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3 Responses to Can We Just Pay the Loyal Bushies to Stay Home for the Remainder of Little Lord Pontchartrain’s Reign?

  1. I’m not sure this is fair. He’s correct in the respect that there is a continuum of views from YECism onwards based on how much of science one accepts. Moreover, he could be a proponent of theistic evolution. It isn’t clear from his comments what precisely he means.

  2. mark says:

    Nevertheless, it sounds as though he has a confused understanding of science.

  3. Mark, it doesn’t read that way to me necessarily. He isn’t a very good speaker and he is apparently trying to give a sound byte response about what is a complicated question.

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