William Ayers and G. Gordon Liddy

If Obama has a ‘Ayers problem’, why doesn’t McCain have a ‘G. Gordon Liddy problem?’ From Jamison Foser:

G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy served four and a half
years in prison for his role in the break-ins at the Watergate and at Daniel
Ellsberg’s psychologist’s office. He has acknowledged preparing to kill someone
during the Ellsberg break-in “if
necessary.” He
plotted to kill journalist Jack Anderson. He plotted with a “gangland
figure” to murder Howard Hunt in order to thwart an investigation. He plotted to firebomb the
Brookings Institution. He
used Nazi terminology to outline a plan to kidnap “leftist
guerillas” at the 1972 GOP convention. And Liddy’s bad acts were not confined
to the early 1970s. In
the 1990s, he instructed
his radio audience on how to shoot Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
agents (“Go for a head shot; they’re going to be wearing bulletproof
vests.” In case
anyone missed the subtlety of his point, Liddy also insisted: “Kill the sons of bitches.”) During Bill Clinton’s
presidency, Liddy boasted that he named his shooting targets after the Clintons….
John McCain is “proud” of his “old friend” Gordon Liddy — an old friend who plotted to kill one of the most respected journalists in American history, and who urged listeners to kill federal agents and advised them on how to do so. McCain campaigned for Liddy’s son, and Liddy has even hosted a fundraiser for McCain at his home.
So McCain’s relationship with Liddy is pretty much a direct parallel to Obama’s relationship with Ayers. Except that McCain and Liddy have apparently spent time together more recently than Obama and Ayers. And Liddy’s extremist activities continued well into the 1990s, at least. And Liddy says he and McCain are “old friends,” while The New York Times says Obama and Ayers aren’t close. And Obama has never said Ayers adheres to “the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great.” Other than all that, it’s a direct parallel.

Of course, the Ayers smear has nothing to do with any objective sense of reality: does anyone really think Obama agrees with what the Weather Underground did or believed? Of course Obama doesn’t. Even the prosecutor of the Weathermen thinks this is a ridiculous accusation. And Obama has never hidden this meeting (he hasn’t shouted it from the rooftops either). This is simply another pathetic attempt to place “Obama” and “terrorist” in the same sentence.

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4 Responses to William Ayers and G. Gordon Liddy

  1. eddie says:

    Doesn’t this indicate that them as shout “kill him” when obama is named at thug rallies have not only the motivation but training in how to make good their threat?

  2. llewelly says:

    What I love is the fact that Obama was not only an 8-year old, but actually living near Jakarta, 9,867 miles away (from Detroit), at the time Ayers was involved with the ‘Weather Underground’. This is about 79% of the maximum possible distance two humans have ever been from each other.

  3. llewelly says:

    Er, I meant two ‘non-astronaut humans’.

  4. Brian X says:

    What I can’t fathom is how someone so clearly mentally ill as Liddy can get any kind of press at all. He was into self-harm well into adulthood and is still in massive denial about Watergate and his role in it. In an ideal world he would be under psychiatric care.

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