Rep. Kaptur Doesn’t Want to Play “Wall Street Ballout”

First, the last name of “Kaptur” is awesome. Also, she has an accent that is nearly as ridiculous as Palin’s, so Kaptur must be a ‘real’ American:

There’s really no reason to get stampeded into this.

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5 Responses to Rep. Kaptur Doesn’t Want to Play “Wall Street Ballout”

  1. DCBob says:

    Don’t be dissing that Western Reserve accent, Mike; it’s the closest thing we have to a standard. Americans find it the least irritating accent, on average: New Yorkers and Alabamans alike find it way less irritating than each others’ accents.

  2. Accent? What accent? (Go Marcy! If only all of Ohio were more like Toledo in some respects…)

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