An Exciting New Area for Creationist Science

Yes, I’m being mean, but this clip below has all the legitimacy of creationism–which is to say none:

Really, creationism is just as nutty, this is simply not dressed up in pseudoreligious baggage.
Bonus Insanity: A creationist has put together a site opposing Electronic Arts’ game Spore because it is brainwashing kids into ‘believing in’ evolution. Apparently, we “Evolutionaryists” are very mean too.

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9 Responses to An Exciting New Area for Creationist Science

  1. WTFWJD says:

    I started reading “Understand my beliefs please” but had to quit quickly.
    He demands that we show high regard for whatever lies his parents told him when he was little.
    When he agrees to show high regard for truths the rest of us have learned, we might be willing to give him a listen. But until then, he can go pound sand up his ass with a shovel.
    I not only have no respect for the lies his parents told him, I despise him, his parents, and the lies he tries to perpetuate.

  2. Paul says:

    Rainbows in sprinklers? Close to the ground?
    It’s the ALIENS I tell ya’!
    Now, where’s my aluminum hat…..?

  3. Kevin says:

    OMG. 1700+ comments, and most *still* don’t get it. Poe’d and RickRolled in one. Brilliant.

  4. Aaron Golas says:

    Oh, WTFWJD, I implore you to go back and read the rest of “Understand my beliefs please.” All the way to the end. The author cites some truly… revealing Biblical passages.

  5. Chris Tucker says:

    I wonder if this is the woman who made the video?
    Certainly shows an appropriate level of intelligence regarding the negative effects of noise on her developing fetus.

  6. genesgalore says:

    i want eternal life. dear sweet jesus, give me eternal life. oops, brainwashed again

  7. Kelly says:

    Oh fer cryin out loud lady. I used to purposely play with our sprinklers to make rainbows and that was over 30 years ago! (eep I’m getting old!)
    Just because she hasn’t paid attention, something horrible is “goin’ on”.

  8. Bee says:

    I saw the ‘menacing sprinkler rainbow’ video a while back and was struck mostly by the profound failure of far too many people to even cursorially observe the natural world around them. The amazing thing is that this (possibly marginally mentally ill) woman actually finally noticed that she could see rainbows in her sprinkler.
    This phenomenon isn’t confined to religious nuts or paranoid conspiracy theorists, either. I have known plenty liberally minded, non-religious, quite sane people who are so disinterested in the natural world, so narrowly focussed on human interaction, that they are likely to harbour just as many unfounded, superstitious beliefs as any ‘chemtrail’ ranter.

  9. constantcomment says:

    you know that them there creationist’s are desperate when they call evolutionists brainwashed.

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