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The McCain Mansions

I think we’re up to nine McCain homes. It’s so hard to keep track…
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Bacteria and Influenza: The Streptococcus Vaccine Is One Way to Prepare Against the Unknown

In lieu of an influenza vaccine, bacterial vaccines and rapid diagnostics could save many lives.
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Quote of the Day: Privacy, Then and Now

The Sideshow comments on why a right to privacy isn’t found in the Bill of Rights.
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On “Cancer Ridden”

…and that wasn’t the point of the post anyway. Orac is right to call out Stoller for referring to McCain as cancer-ridden.
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For the Next Debate Thingee, Can the Moderator Be a Member of the Coalition of the Sane

Rick Warren believes that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. Don’t let all of that radiometric dating hooey fool you!
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With “Innovation” Like This, No Wonder Political Reporting Is So Stupid

In the land of the complete f-cking moron, Adam Nagourney is king.
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Chris Bowers Writes What I’ve Been Thinking…

Obama’s campaign is a mass movement, not a grassroots one, in that the communication–and decision-making–are unidirectional.
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