William Kristol and Nepotism

I had no idea how deeply involved nepotism was in the New York Times’ decision to hire William Kristol as an op-ed writer. From the Greenwald:

The NYT should be very proud of itself. Of course, Kristol was hired at the NYT because his dad, Irv, was really good friends with former NYT Executive Editor Abe Rosenthal, whose son, Andy, currently runs the NYT Op-Ed page. Andy and Bill followed in their dad’s footsteps by becoming good friends (and in every other sense), and Andy then hired his friend, Bill (son of his dad’s friend), as the new NYT Op-Ed writer. So this is typically what one gets — and deserves — when driven by nepotistic impulse.

Not only is Kristol factually wrong on a weekly basis, he’s a boring writer to boot.

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  1. Bubba Sixpack says:

    Well, the Repubs are some of the most prevalent practitioners of welfare programs — welfare for a clique of connected elite, whether connected by blood lines (Kristol himself is mostly famous from his father’s connections) or ideology.

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