Fun Night at Boston Skeptics

What you missed if you weren’t at the Boston Skeptics meeting
Thank you to all the people who turned out last night for the Boston Skeptics meeting.
One person described as the first talk “that included LOLcats, slut DNA, a laundry list of nasty infections, and a solid anti-creationist message.” I presume this is a good thing.

It’s always hard to figure out how to pitch a talk, given an audience that ranges from biologists to people who don’t know any biology, but I got the impression that everybody got something out of the talk (hopefully). It was a nice bunch of people too. I’ll have more to say about this, but I think the overall idea that evolutionary biologists (and our friends) need to develop and promote an affirmative, positive argument of how evolutionary biology can make our lives better (i.e., infectious and human disease research) was well received. It also helped me because I have a much better idea of how to present these ideas more effectively.
And if you showed up, thanks again; I had a lot of fun.

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