Voting: Still a Problem in Ohio

I haven’t checked yet today, but, on Democratic sites, no doubt, there will be all sorts of “BREAKING” and “UPDATE!!” posts about yesterday’s primaries. But there’s one story that will probably get lost in all of the primary madness, and it should concern Democrats and anyone else concerned with the integrity of voting. Voting in Ohioan Democratic strongholds is still fucked up:

Obama’s campaign pressed to extend voting by one hour in two Ohio counties….
“Due to reports of ballot shortages in Cuyahoga and Franklin counties, we requested a voting extension in those counties,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.
A judge ruled to keep parts of Cuyahoga county open an extra hour.

Seriously, we’ve had four goddamn years. This has to be fixed.

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  1. iRobot says:

    THE POWERS THAT BE dont want the vote to go smoothly. These were democrat heavy areas. Its a warm up for when the vote is “messed up” in the general election, just like in 2000 and 2004.

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