Bunny Rabbits Kick Ass

And they have HUGE POINTY TEETH too:

That’s one tough bunny.

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10 Responses to Bunny Rabbits Kick Ass

  1. Lorax says:

    Holy shit! Never would have expected that.

  2. Coturnix says:

    You see what reading Watership Down leads to!

  3. William The Sane says:

    Great! Now there are snakes in the trees.

  4. pough says:

    Either someone has big wild snakes and rabbits in his back yard or else he doesn’t mind his pets trying to kill each other. Either way, this video is awesome.

  5. Anon says:

    Never was afraid of snakes, but rabbits scare the shit outta me.
    Now you all know why.

  6. I know they can be paper trained to keep them in a house (my friend had one) but I wonder if they can be trained to guard the house?

  7. I vaguely remember some very poorly done film from when I was a kid about giant rabbits that somehow were threatening mankind … or something. I think they were supposed to be giant man-eating rabbits.
    I am in love with google … if google were in some man’s head, I’d totally give him anything he wanted:
    Here’s the link to a youtube clip of the movie this makes me think of, endearingly called, “Night of the Lepus”:
    im in ur dirtz eatin ur peoplz
    (yeah, had to use the very worn out geek humor)

  8. Ok, I failed with the link .. trying again:


  9. corwin says:

    Oooooh, I love Night of the Lepus 🙂
    After today, I’ll never look at normal-sized bunnies the same way again. I thought the radioactively embiggened ones were the things to watch out for.

  10. tiret says:

    very thanks for article

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