Some Sunday Links

Merry Daylight Saving Time! Here are some links for you. Sciency stuff:

  1. On the frontlines of the Republican War on Modeling.
  2. Here’s something about that AEI silliness about Jews and IQ.
  3. Speaking of politics, humans, and genetics, Patricia Williams talks to a Columbia biology professor about James Watson’s latest stupidity.
  4. In what looks to be an entertaining series, Panda Bear, M.D. takes apart woo-based medicine.
  5. Mark H tells us about an unusual polychaete.
  6. Darksyde gives a good, popular narrative of the role bacteria played in making the planet’s atmosphere what it is today.
  7. Don’t forget to stop by the digs of our newest ScienceBlogling Greg Laden.

Otha stuff:

  1. driftglass: modern conservatism is a hardware, not a software problem.
  2. In case you missed it, Paul Krugman takes apart Rudy Giuliani’s lies about healthcare.
  3. Here’s why traditional media will never quite get blogging: the Cleveland Plain Dealer fires a blogger due to congressional pressure (I guess freedom of speech is only for Iraqis…kinda, sorta.)
  4. Does abortion transcend framing?
  5. Criticizing Maureen Dowd is like picking on the slow kid, but Whiskey Fire has two great posts about the Queen of Mean.
  6. The idiocy of amateur security.
  7. Amanda asks, “How about we start focusing on the moral improvement of the neoconservatives?” Works for me.
  8. From the dog bites man files: ScienceBlogling Matt notes that the majority of campaign stories focus on strategy, not substance.
  9. Lindsay investigates the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.
  10. A teacher describes the collateral damage of educational testing.
  11. Just what we need: “Government paid missionaires for Christ.”
  12. More from the dog bites man files: Bush Administration suppresses critic of partial drowning interrogation.
  13. When only a handful of people aren’t in debt, it’s hard to have a booming economy.
  14. Maha has a good roundup of the criticisms of Giuliani’s healthcare lies.
  15. An oldie, but a goldie:
    The duToitification of the Western Conservative.
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2 Responses to Some Sunday Links

  1. HP says:

    I really dislike this “partial drowning interrogation” frame. The technical term for “waterboarding” is, and has been for centuries, water torture. “Partial drowning interrogation” is just another euphemism. It was water torture when the Inquisition did it, and it’s water torture when we do it.
    There’s a great short story by Conan Doyle called “The Leather Funnel,” which should be required reading for all Americans. In the story, a man has a clairvoyant dream of the 17th century waterboarding of the Marquise de Brinvilliers. Upon awaking, he says,

    Oh, what a blessed relief to feel that I was back in the nineteenth century–back out of that mediaeval vault into a world where men had human hearts within their bosoms. I sat up on my couch, trembling in every limb, my mind divided between thankfulness and horror. To think that such things were ever done–that they could be done without God striking the villains dead.

    That’s the frame I’d like to see. Water torture is, literally, medieval.

  2. The Omega Man says:

    All this sciency stuff does not hide the fact that the scientists have blood on their hands.
    The world is filled with nuclear weapons, made possible by atheistic scientists…Richard Dawkins assures me that science is atheistic.
    Look at world events, they are going to be used soon.
    The remnants of humanity will soon curse science!!!
    Scientists killed my dad.

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