Links 8/13/11

Links for you. Science:
“We Win”: Conservative Media Celebrate Public Misconception That Climate Scientists “Falsified” Data
Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve (it’s actually about how human genomics is forcing a reality check. For some).
A Fox News Science Lesson
It’s not a freaking spider bite
The Bad Deal (by James Galbraith. Must-read)
New York Times’ Panic Reporting Gets S&P, Markets 180 Degrees Wrong
Good Thing I Read the Post
Tent Cities and Demonstrations
The myth of the job creator
The debt ceiling, the White House and the damage of ‘compromise’
Chinese Menu Governance (the “Update” part at the end is the critical point)
Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie
Where Does London Go From Here?

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  1. evodevo says:

    re: Evangelicals question Adam & Eve – this writer bases his headline on an AWFULLY small sample of obviously rational scholars for this article. I’m afraid 5 or 10 logical people out of millions of rabid fundies doesn’t impress me. And even after reading Francis Collins, I still don’t know how he reconciles his religion and his science, except that both suffer.

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