Some Sunday Links

Merry Sunday! Here are some links for you. Sciencey stuff:

  1. Is the fitness cost of some antibiotic resistances the signal peptide?
  2. MRSA and pigs: lots of both, and it’s very confusing.
  3. Amanda at Pandagon reviews Chris Mooney‘s Storm World.
  4. ScienceBlogling Mark has problems with a ‘Christian’ math curriculum.

The other stuff:

  1. I’ve argued before that merit pay doesn’t actually fix anything. Edubabbler agrees, calling merit pay a “smokescreen.”
  2. On a related note, Bob Somerby reminds us that testing doesn’t tell you how to fix the problem.
  3. Matt Yglesias has a great insight into what motivates Serious Foreign Policy Scholars: trying to land their next political gig.
  4. Maha says we need to get off the moral clarity train. The Mad Biologist agrees.
  5. Jameson Foser tells us what’s wrong with political reporting that focuses on anecdotes: the people who do the telling.
  6. There’s a difference between public works programs and public employment programs.
  7. Sara Robinson details how the theopolitical right confuses discrimination with political opposition.
  8. Atrios reminds us of the obvious: after no serious opposition to how they prosecuted Operation Iraqi Clusterfuck, this screwup is the Republicans’ fault, not the opposition’s.

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