From Now on, I Read Only Esquire

For the political articles only, I swear. What I can’t figure out is how

a writer for Esquire can see through all the bullsht that the supposedly Very Serious People can’t. Here’s what was the most trechant part for me (italics mine):

On May 15, Mike Huckabee, a greasy Rotarian gasbag from Arkansas, made a funny. Speaking at a debate with the other Republican presidential contenders, Huckabee said of the Congress that it had “spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop.” This nasty little bit solicited gales of laughter from the studio audience and almost unalloyed approval from the traveling political press, and nobody enjoyed it more than the lads at The Politico, a brand-new political fanzine that combines the biting wit of a high school slam book with the nuanced policy analysis of Tiger Beat.
….Not to put too fine a point on it, but the political culture seems to be determined to fag-bait John Edwards out of the race this time around. Channeling the conservative id from the swamps of its birth, as always, Ann Coulter flatly called him a “faggot” at a conference of conservative activists, and Rush Limbaugh regularly chaffs him as “the Breck Girl.” From there, apparently, the affair of the haircuts has mainstreamed Coulter’s position into more polite precincts. In April, Maureen Dowd wrote a column in The New York Times that speculated that the country was not ready for a “metrosexual in chief,” comparing Edwards unfavorably with her dear departed Irish-cop daddy, who used to get his hair cut at the Senate barbershop for fifty cents. You could almost hear the gentle ringing of sputum in the spittoons. Thus are the issues. Thus are the watchdogs. Thus are the politics while people are dying.

From now on, it’s only blogs and highbrow girlie mags for me!

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5 Responses to From Now on, I Read Only Esquire

  1. Fucking morons, indeed. We didn’t just think that homophobia would disappear, did we? All that insightful energy has to go somewhere!

  2. DuWayne says:

    Personally, I could go for a gay president. I don’t have any reason to think Edwards is gay, but if he is – I might just have to vote for a major party candidate.
    I do have to laugh at the notion of Coulter calling anyone a fag-got though. Kettle, meet pot.

  3. DaleP says:

    This article
    has gotten some comment elsewhere as well.
    This is by a great guy, Charles P. Pierce. He has more articles in Esquire, and a regular column in the Boston Globe. Also, he sometimes is on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”, an NPR quiz show. Very sharp wit.

  4. Pierce also wrote the wonderful essay “Greetings from Idiot America”, which took on creationism and other kinds of sciency truthiness. Should be easy to find on the web.

  5. Was it him who wrote Greetings from Idiot America? That’s a brilliant piece.
    I had forgotten that it was in Esquire – thankfully they still have it online here.

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