Some Sunday Links

Here are your links, you damn kids. First, science:

  1. The Angry Toxicologist doesn’t like antibiotics in the salad.
  2. The Black Death might be responsible for the relative lack of genetic variation in British populations.
  3. ERV not only tears creationist Michael Behe a new one, but tells us about some very interesting HIV biology while doing so.

Otha stuff:

  1. Jill of Feministe asks those who opposed legal and safe abortion a very important question. Here’s the follow-up, and Scott Lemieux piles on.
  2. An oldie but a goldie: A Day in the Life of Joe Middle Class Republican.
  3. The bridge collapse: “No More Collapses“, Michael O’Hare on engineering bridges and societies, “Broken Bridges, Lost Levees and a Brutal Culture of Neglect“, and R.J. Eskow: “If terrorists had bombed this bridge, or destroyed the levees and flooded New Orleans, life in America would change forever. But since it’s only our own governmental neglect — and conservative greed — nobody seems to give a damn.”
  4. Shush! You’ll scare the D.C. elites.
  5. With friends like the Christian Zionists, who needs anti-Semites?
  6. The Vitter prostitution scandal gets weirder: one of the escorts may have been a congressional staffer on his committee.
  7. Maha and the Rude Pundit remind us that it’s George Bush’s world and we’re just fortunate to be allowed to live in it.
  8. Rudy Giuliani: the first dittohead candidate.
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  1. ERV says:

    Thanks for the link 🙂 Im rather liking the silent response from the Creationists 🙂

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