Giuliani’s Mistress of Woo and Psychobabble

The blogosphere is in a wee bit of a tizzy over a Vanity Fair article that hints Giuliani might be having an(other) affair, this time with advisor and motivational speaker, Starr Shephard. Personally, as long as he’s not doing it in public, I don’t care who Giuliani is or is not screwing, although the whole subject does generate some unappealing mental images. But the motivational guru part is disturbing.

A quick use of the Google found an advertisement placed in the Village Voice by Shephard:

Did You See or read “The Secret”? STARR is here to serve you in order for you to light the flame of passion in your life in what you live like, love like, and are thankful for each day. The Demartini Method (viewed in The Secret) via STARR Shephard brings inspiring results to your life within the first few minutes of your time in her presence. STARR will touch your life and alter your perceptions to fire up your success in stepping forward to your mission, vision, and dreams. The method dissolves your pain felt issues and brings you to discern love and be thankful for any experience in life no matter good or bad. You can never get rid of one side of yourself…our perceptions guide our destined path and they are a package deal of both positive and negative gifts. Let STARR show you how to drive your life by using both charges to your most inspiring benefit to attain what you really dream of being, doing, and having. Wanting something so bad yet are having a hard time creating it? Do you have idea’s that never come to fruition? Sexual aggravations, pain, grief, loss, stuckness, infatuation, addiction, lust, relationship pains, expectations of others….etc….Experience the method that will keep you out of therapy for years. Come and be INSPIRED. You are guaranteed results in one hour of this time. Google this method if you wish to learn more. Dr. Demartini’s life partner and former medalist in US World competition is here to serve you. She has experienced at least 40 Breakthrough Experiences of his work, and many training certification programs that allow for her to serve you in your life of healing and moving forward to do what you really would love to live like, love like, and be thankful for each day. “What resides within dictates your destiny”….Let’s anchor your passion to go after your desires which will bring longevity, health, and inspiration to your life….those around you are a reflection of you ….let me assist your dream to become your most grateful reality….

What the hell is ‘stuckness?’ Here are her credentials:

New York City – Mid town – August 18,19.Apt. $300 hour to change your life and create the life you really want to LOVE.
STARR Shephard, Masters of Science Clinical Psychology/Marriage-Family Therapy, LMFT,
Demartini Consultant
(psychological paradigm to a new level),
author for woman’s handbook Girls Gals and Gurus
motivational speaker
seminar leader/keynote speaker
The seven area’s of our life must balance to receive the gifts of abundance that will fulfill our hearts innermost desires. All ages, any profession. Everyone with a mind and a heart are welcomed to shine with STARR’s inspiration.
“Love Yourself as much as God loves you”
“Believe in your true potential, live with vivid clarity, fulfill your inspiring mission, and definitely LOVE and be GRATEFUL to what you do”

STARR is quite the gal; she seems able to take a “psychological paradigm to a new level.” But, of course, since Giuliani is a Republican, and therefore, an AquaVelva Man, he won’t be tagged with the ‘flaky, hippie’ image, even though this is grade A psychobabble. What’s really sad is that the best possible outcome is that he simply wants to get in her pants; if he really believes in her goofball crap, then Intelligent Designer help us if he ever gets near the White House.

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2 Responses to Giuliani’s Mistress of Woo and Psychobabble

  1. Joshua says:

    Stuckness? Why visit a motivational speaker for that when you can just buy some Exlax?

  2. tony says:

    “Stuckness”….he’stuck yet she’d help him if he touches the White House. Her mind is tougher than his. They are both only children and both Italian…..go for that thing called,Prez amore.

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