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Oscar The Cat of Doom

Amanda has a very interesting discussion of why Oscar the Cat of Doom–the cat that sees soon-to-be-dead people–can do so. However, the Mad Biologist has an alternative hypothesis.
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So What Is Good About Suburbia?

I don’t mean that as snark. It’s a serious question. 100 years ago, would towns and small cities have been viewed as “the great American socioeconomic achievement”, simply because that’s where many relatively well-off Americans lived?
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Framing Versus Filters: The Lesson of the Bush-Gore Debates

It isn’t always the message, sometimes it’s the medium. Or the media actually. Framing only goes so far. Often, getting your message out there comes down to schmoozing, intimidation, and hard work. This applies to politics and science.
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It’s raining cats and genomes.
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Bronchitis and Antibiotics

A colleague has told me about some interesting data that people are far less likely to request an antibiotic for a chest cold than for bronchitis even though they’re the same thing.
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Did Tea Drinking Lead to Urbanization?

While lots of people swear by the power of tea, I had no idea it was seriously viewed as a something that led to urbanization.
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Some Sunday Links

I’m attending a conference about microbial population biology this week, but, thanks to the Blogerator 9000, the posts will keep on coming. Speaking of posts, here are some links for you.
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