Some Sunday Links

I’m attending a conference about microbial population biology this week, but, thanks to the Blogerator 9000, the posts will keep on coming. Speaking of posts, here are some links for you. Science first:

  1. CTX-M-15 ESBLs: another antibiotic resistance problem.
  2. Here’s a post about the coolest metazoans EVAH: botrylloid ascidians.
  3. A ‘universal’ influenza vaccine is entering Phase I trials.
  4. Devilstower describes a couple of technological improvements in the developing world.
  5. Here’s a good post about horseshoe crab conservation.

The other stuff:

  1. Charles Pierce has the must-read post about how bad political ‘journalism’ is.
  2. Kevin Drum‘s and Brad DeLong‘s heads are going to explode because of columnists who wish that Democrats would start advocating what they’ve already been advocating…brain…freezes…up.
  3. driftglass welcomes the Vitter family to Liberalville.
  4. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans (duh) are serious about limiting out-of-control spending in one government program: the Pentagon.
  5. The Kansas Republican Party requires office holders and seekers to take a loyalty oath–to the party.
  6. Jameson Foser: “The key details here are that reporters don’t like him [Edwards], and they’re willing to be unfair in order to bury him.”
  7. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seeks out that all-important Republican primary voting bloc: the illiterate.
  8. Litbrit argues the case for impeachment.
  9. maha gives us a history of evangelicalism in the U.S.
  10. Julie Bergman Sender writes a letter to Cindy Sheehan. I think it’s a very perceptive take on the anti-war movement.
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