Two Important Posts About Iraq

First, driftglass points out an obvious–although previously unnoticed–problem with the neocon claims that there’s is no civil war in Iraq:

So if there is a Civil War, then we should leave, because there is no way for us to referee such a thing.
But if there is no Civil War, and therefore no looming threat of massive, pitched and Civil-War-like bloodshed if we leave, then the Iraqis have obviously “Stood up”.
And it is time for us to stand down and go h

Read the whole thing. Then John Aravosis reminds us that the failures of this war are not Democratic ones, but Republican, when he answers the question “Has al-Queda won?”

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  1. cuchulkhan says:

    But Mike, the WSJ tells me that the surge, “Well, it is working, and it is under way. I heard just yesterday that there’s a new report of a cease-fire between tribes in Diyala province.”
    We are also told that Al Qaeda is losing. Like, duh.

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