TB-Related Quote of the Day

The title is self-explanatory. From digby:

When the TB guy story was blazing I wrote that one of the most annoying things about it was that the guy said he was willing to put god knows how many other people at risk because he believed that he would die in a European hospital and had to get back to America where the health care was good. Aside from it being a thoroughly selfish act, it was just wrong. He would have had fine care in that Italian hospital and he could have arranged for transportation back to the states without endangering the lives of of all those strangers many of whom might not have had access to the superior health care he had at the end of the line. It’s just a perfect illustration of the success of the medical corporate propaganda that says all these foreign health care systems are so inferior it’s better to have inadequate access to or spend a prohibitive amount for American care than have universal coverage “like the socialists in France.” This guy wasn’t in Cambodia or Kenya — he believed they would “kill” him in Europe and that’s just nuts.

Actually, that’s unfair to the Kenyans. Provided he had access to the necessary drugs (he might have to pay out of pocket for them), the Kenyans, sadly, have had a lot of experience treating drug-resistant TB, particularly once it’s been determined what kind of TB it is. Don’t know much about the Cambodian system, however.

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  1. QrazyQat says:

    In the Cambodian system, at the very least, you would just take a bus or short flight to Thailand, which has excellent hospitals in Bangkok and Chiangmai — decnt ones some other places I’m sure, but in those cities there are hospitals the equal or better than most in the USA. It’s less than $100 to go from pretty much anywhere in Cambodia to a good Thai hospital.

  2. Renee says:

    Yes, cheap AND good healthcare… and it’s not socialized at all.

  3. QrazyQat says:

    If the Thai healthcare isn’t socialized at all, why do Thais only have to pay a small sum (30 baht the last I knew, it may have gone up)? Are you saying that Thai medical care actually only costs a dollar per patient visit? I don’t think so.

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