The Need for Moonbat Welfare

Susan Madrak is dead on target: if the rightwing is willing to give its wingnuts cushy jobs (also known as ‘wingnut welfare’), why can’t the left provide its own moonbat welfare for leftwing moonbats? As Madrak writes:

Someone from either the Democratic party or some liberal organization showed up a few years back at the Philadelphia chapter of Drinking Liberally to ask the question, “What do bloggers want? How can we help?” She had, of course, already answered the question: Free Lexis-Nexis access! One account to be shared by I don’t know how many bloggers!
I looked at her. I cleared my throat. “Actually,” I said, “If we need Lexis-Nexis, most of us can figure out where to get access. What we really need is help with actual survival. Most of us need health insurance. We need computers. In fact, the single biggest thing you could do is set up a program that would give free laptops to bloggers, because so many of us live hand to mouth and when our computers go, we’re silenced.”

Indeed. At some point, ‘progressives’ and Democrats might actually want to send some funding towards the people who help them. Just a thought.

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