Some Sunday Links

Lotsa links. First, the science stuff:

  1. I have a published opinion piece about cefquinome approval.
  2. T. Ryan Gregory has a great post on junk DNA.
  3. Whales are over 100 years old? Who knew?
  4. Here’s a nice eulogy for Mr. Wizard.
  5. Will Lagos be the new frontier in sewer technology?
  6. PZ chronicles the War on ChemistryDrugs.
  7. Here’s a nice post on ecdysis.

The other stuff:

  1. Seymour Hersh on Abu Gharib.
  2. Bluememe argues that talking about issues in politics for many Americans is like “trying to explain Schrödinger’s cat — to the cat.”

  3. A while ago, I chronicled in their own words the hate-filled animus that motivates the anti-immigrant Right. Orcinus describes one real-life example of this ‘anti-brown’ bigotry.
  4. Here’s a bizarre turn regarding Iraq: we might have to withdraw (utimately) because oil prices are too high.
  5. Yes, I mean this: Thomas Friedman is right.
  6. The budget and foreign policy elephant in the room: the most massive military buildup since World War II (and that figure doesn’t include the Iraq supplimentals.
  7. Drew Westen argues that Democrats need to speak the language of the heart, not policy.
  8. Rick Perlstein has a taxonomy of honest conservatives.

  9. Jameson Foser on the idiocy of electability.
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  1. wow, cool links. thanks a lot for those links..
    best regards,
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