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What’s a Little Faux Pas Between Countries With Large Nuclear Arsenals?

I think the investigative power the Democrats currently wield–and the threat of subpoena–is starting to get to Secretary of State Condoleeza “Ferragamos” Rice.
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driftglass Hath Profaned Against the Evil Baby!

This is an abomination against the Evil Baby (which kicks Flying Spaghetti Monster’s and the Mouse of the Disco Ball’s asses–I mean that in the nicest ecumenical way possible).
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Hit Wiley Publishing Hard

Hopefully, by now, the anti-Wiley blogswarm is getting geared up. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, ScienceBlogling Shelley over Retrospectacle was threatened with a lawsuit by Wiley Interscience for reproducing part of a figure and a table. My suggestion: take them out at the fucking knees. Trash their impact factor.
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More on Social Security and the Samuelson Unit

I’ve invented a new unit of time, the Samuelson Unit, which is the length of time required for the Social Security system to become ‘bankrupt.’ Oddly enough, Social Security is always DOOMED roughly 34 years from the time of the estimate. Here’s a pretty picture to illustrate the point.
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Defining a New Time Unit: the Samuelson

Named after economist Robert Samuelson, who, along with the Concord Coalition, is fighting the Glorious War on Social Security. It’s inspired by the Friedman Unit, named after NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who predicted for several years running that the “next six months” will be critical in Iraq. So what’s a Samuelson Unit?
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Social Security Trustees to Release Annual Report…

…stoopid media tricks to ensue.
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Pandemic Flu Preparedness in Boston

Tonight, at 6:30pm, at the Boston Public Library, there’s a meeting “Preparing Boston Residents for Pandemic Flu.” I’m going, but with a great deal of pessimism.
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