Some Sunday Links

Here’s some links for you. Merry Spring!

  1. Here’s an excellent interview with Joe Felsenstein.
  2. Climatologist James Hansen offers five concrete steps to deal with global warming.
  3. While we’re on the subject, here’s a refutation of the global cooling argument.
  4. A topic near and dear to my heart: it’s the boring, unsexy diseases that kill people.
  5. Revere gives us a Google mashup of infectious disease outbreaks.

The other stuff:

  1. The politics of haircare.
  2. On a more serious note, could you ever imagine the U.S. healthcare system treating a family with a sick child as well as this. Of course not…
  3. The overdispersal of psychological trauma.
  4. ‘Mainstream’ rightwing political thought is entering utterly delusional territory (Bush is hiding the evidence of Iraqi WMD….).
  5. Rather than gun control, maybe we should just repeal the Second Amendment?
  6. Barney Frank eviscerates the Republicans.
  7. Here’s an interesting link to figure out how much money presidential candidates have raised and spent.
  8. Do we need to speed up the outsourcing of high-skill jobs?
  9. digby covers one of the hidden bits of the US Attorney scandal: Iglesias did most of what he was supposed to do. It just wasn’t enough for Karl Rove.
  10. Maureen Dowd has a hair fetish, at least when it comes to Democrats.
  11. Chris Kelly sees crazy people.
  12. Barbara Erhenreich discusses our inadequate mental health system.
  13. Should we repeal the Second Amendment?
  14. The vanishing 2006 electoral landslide.
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