Didn’t I Tell You…

never mess with the Jewish grandmothers (Intelligent Designer man, what were you thinking?). Wednesday, Sen. Boxer smacked around Republican senator Inhofe but good:

(wait for the 1:15 mark)
No one ever listens to the Mad Biologist…

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3 Responses to Didn’t I Tell You…

  1. SteveG says:

    Bubbie got the big hammer, Bubbie says behave yourself. We’ve finally got leadership with (matzo) balls.

  2. Master Blaster says:

    Trotsky had a Jewish grandma.
    So did Marx.
    And Lenin.
    And, oops, I better quit.

  3. Chromosome Crawl says:

    Yep. That’s MY Senator. Proud to say I’ve supported her in the past, and am writing a letter of thanks to her to go in the mail Monday. The looks on the 3 faces say it all, eh? Smirky In(bred)hofe, Boxer looking disgusted….the look on Gore’s face worries me a bit tho – am I reading the look of someone who appears to be glad to have gotten having to deal daily with the absurd revisionist, dark-ages mentality of folks like Inhofe behind him?

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