Some Sunday Links

Merry Daylight Savings Time! Here are some links for you. First, the science stuff:

  1. I have some thoughts on the possible approval of cefquinome use in cattle.
  2. Also, I have some interesting factoids about MRSA for ya.
  3. There’s a new strain of norovirus in town.
  4. From the Neisseria gonorrhoea files (that would be the ‘clap’): it doesn’t matter if the bacterium is sensitive to antibiotics if you can’t detect it.
  5. Mark H tells us why polar bears are white.

The other stuff:

  1. In Slate, Jacob Weisberg has four points about Iraq that no politician is willing to utter.
  2. Sisyphus Shrugged notes that Giuliani, ‘America’s mayor’, isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be.
  3. When Rick Scarborough is the voice of sanity, you know you’ve gone off the deep end.
  4. Jameson Foer describes the attempted Republican ‘girlification’ of the Democrats.
  5. Only George Bush could disturb the spirits of the Mayans’ ancestors.
  6. James Wolcott covers the Million Mope March.
  7. James Wolcott and Lance Mannion have brilliant pseudo-reviews of the movie 300
  8. Max Blumenthal discusses the phenomenon of the Conflicted Conservative in Crisis. It’s ugly.
  9. When the Army starts blurring together the identities of dead soldiers, we have crossed some kind of sick moral boundary. The one thing militaries always do well is funerals…
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