Democrats: Still the Most Hapless Political Organization in Recorded History

Seeing the Forest wonders how the ridiculous post-Oscar smear of Al Gore was pulled off by a no-name organization with assets of $100,000:

…no one should have been surprised when Al Gore was attacked for the positive press he and his movie received last weekend. An Inconvenient Truth was sure to win an Oscar. Gore would then speak to a billion people about the problem of global warming. The well-funded global warming denial industry would respond, and $mearing people is their standard method of attack. They destroy our leaders.
And yet, there was surprise and a lack of preparation to fight back. How many times will one of our leaders be attacked and be marginalized before we get it through our thick heads that this is a pattern? How many times will this happen before we start to do something about it?
And not only are the targets of the attacks often caught off guard, but the Democratic institutions and leaders are often nowhere to be found when it happens!
How many similar episodes have we seen in just the last few months? Where are the Democratic institutions? Where are the other Democratic leaders? Don’t they understand that they’re next?
And this week here was Al Gore getting blind-sided and the silence was deafening. One more sad but clear example of what ails our party and our leaders.

While the next bit definitely bumps up against Godwin’s law, it does lay things out clearly:

First the wingnuts came for Bill Clinton,
I remained silent;
I am not Bill Clinton.
When they made up stuff about Gore,
I remained silent;
I am not Gore.
When they lied about John Kerry
I didn’t speak up for him;
I complained about how he ran his campaign.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out;
I am a Democrat.

The Democratic Party is run by the stupidest political operatives in recorded history.

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6 Responses to Democrats: Still the Most Hapless Political Organization in Recorded History

  1. Scott Belyea says:

    While the next bit definitely bumps up against Godwin’s law…

    Seems to me that it bumps up against stupid exaggeration …

  2. I’m not so sure the DNC should have gotten involved in the whole ordeal. AFAIK Al Gore isn’t yet politically involved or running for any sort of office. What would help is if Democrats and the left in general could, much like Lindsay Beyerstein suggests, establish an analogue media infrasturcture to the right. That way it would be readily available for counterattack to right-wing propaganda.

  3. Actually, now that I read more carefully, I see that is what StF thinks as well. Ignore my ignorant comment, please.

  4. Jessika says:

    The only counter I saw was from Olbermann. Although admittedly I don’t watch the MSM for my news, I could have missed something else.

  5. Tex says:

    No, there is a more dangerous organization.
    Read all about it.

  6. Banned by KCFS says:

    So when are the democrats going to end the war?
    They have the POWER!
    Cut the crap!
    Either they end it, or they are OUT!

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