A Frozen Niagra Falls

I never knew that Niagra Falls had frozen in 1911 until a friend sent me some photos. Here they are:


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7 Responses to A Frozen Niagra Falls

  1. Hans says:

    This is way too cool. I might use these pics to work out a line down the falls in my kayak… 😉

  2. Back before I got trapped in the real world I would have been all over climbing that.

  3. jason says:

    that is just freakin weird of the icefalls

  4. adam says:


  5. hottie says:

    ommgg this is so coolll i never new they turned like this in the winter soo coolll 🙂

  6. matthew clayton says:

    that is mad! how did all that volume stop must of bin cold.

  7. Nissi says:

    how wonderful it stands like the red sea…….amazing..when moses stretched out his hand in the name of Jehovah

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