Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. First, SCIENCE:

  1. Liberals accept evolution more than conservatives: just in case, here are some stats for you. John Lynch reacts to some Discovery Institute distortions.
  2. The NRC smacks around the Bush administration’s new effort “to paralyze any new regulations by years of review, requirements, evaluations and paperwork.” Thankfully, the Bushists backed down.
  3. Larry Moran has a great post about the definition of evolution.
  4. Here’s another great post about filter feeders.

The other stuff:

  1. Last week, I screwed up the link for Barbara O’Brien’s “A pretty short history of wingnutism.” Here’s the link.
  2. Hunter writes brilliantly about the real ‘unserious’ people.
  3. The Washington Post’s Compulsive Centrist Disorder causes it to miss the real story about the politically-motivated rightwing assault on mainline churches.
  4. Here’s a really good take on the idiocy of government-mandated private health insurance. And here’s a great post that makes the distinction between healthcare and health insurance.
  5. Conservative columnist Rod Dreher has an oral essay at NPR about the personal crisis in his core political beliefs that has resulted from Bush’s actions. Glenn Greenwald and Barbara O’Brien say “Duh!” (although much more eloquently).
  6. If you haven’t seen it, Keith Olbermann’s comment on the Bush-McCain escalation plan (and our upcoming Excellent Iraqi Iranian Adventure) is his best yest.
  7. I’ve written about the eliminationist rhetoric on Disney-owned radio stations. Orcinus describes the application of SLAPPs to political speech. He also describes the bile-laden paranoia when Conservatives Strike Back.
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  1. SLC says:

    The following link might be of some interest here. It concerns the reactions of a born-again who is attending a secular university and appeared in todays Washington Post.

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