Do You Think Bush Will Ever Have…

…an LBJ moment?

President Johnson listening to tapes made by his son-in-law and Marine Cpt. Charles Robb during Robb’s tour in Vietnam
In light of what Bush has said publicly and what he has said to Jim Webb, combined with a complete absence of detectable empathy towards anyone (LBJ did, after all, push very hard for civil rights legislation because he thought it was the right thing to do), I think the casualties just don’t bother him. Or rather, they bother him because it makes him look foolish and stupid, not because of the horrific human cost.

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7 Responses to Do You Think Bush Will Ever Have…

  1. SLC says:

    Is it possible that Dubya is a sociopath? Or is it possible that his abuse of cocaine, marijuana and booze has so addled his brain that he no longer thinks straight.

  2. Joshua says:

    Both of the above, I’d say.

  3. MartinDH says:

    Is it possible that Dubya is a sociopath? Or is it possible that his abuse of cocaine, marijuana and booze has so addled his brain that he no longer thinks straight.

    What brain? Some feel that he exhibits the symptoms of a “dry drunk” whose traits include:
    o Grandiose behavior
    o Pomposity
    o Exaggerated self-importance
    o A rigidly judgmental outlook
    o Impatience
    o Childish behavior
    o Irresponsible behavior
    o Irrational rationalization
    o Projection
    o Overreaction
    And, yes, these are symptoms of an “alcohol addled brain”.

  4. Diet Coupon says:

    Hah, by LBJ moment I thought you’d mean something like conducting interviews from the crapper or leaving some guy on “hold” for ten minutes while audibly eating a sandwich.

  5. natural cynic says:

    How about duplicating these LBJ moments by:
    Holding up Barney by the ears
    Showing off the gall bladder operation scar
    Speech to the nation that he won’t seek re-election [oops, already missed that opportunity]

  6. llewelly says:

    Is that Kennedy’s head on a post in the background?

  7. Rob says:

    Here’s some armchair pyscho-diagnosis for thought:
    “Narcissism is a somewhat less severe form of psychopathy. It manifests aggressive, paranoid, and borderline characteristics, but more commonly appears in the form of envy, greed, power lust, an extensively rationalized sense of entitlement, and a pathological grandiose self. Unlike psychopaths, narcissists can experience loyalty and guilt; but like psychopaths, narcissists lack empathy or caring for others, viewing people as “playthings” to be used. Female narcissists tend to be the kind that “sleep” their way to the top; male narcissists tend to get ahead by becoming involved in massive power struggles. Psychologists suspect that the cause of narcissism is severe mental or physical pain in childhood at the hands of a powerful, idealized mother-father figure. Inconsistent parental attitudes on aggression and self-assertion as well as childhood experiences of being valued for specific, precocious talents seem to be the prime determinants. They never learned who to identify with — the aggressor or victim, and they developed a pragmatic philosophy of siding with winners, regardless of who was in the right or wrong. In fact, they believe that the “good” is usually changeable and fickle while “bad” is stable and predictable. They live life by idealizing those who satisfy their narcissistic needs and systematically devaluing and denigrating those who do not. Underneath their superficial charm, they feel they have a right to control, manipulate, exploit, and be cruel to others.

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