The Easter Bunny Wing of the Republican Party: The Georgia Division

A while ago, I posted about the Missouri legislative committee that claimed that abortion had led to a shortage of workers which then resulted in illegal immigration. Really. I can’t make this garbage up. Now, Nehomee over at Shakespeare’s Sister has observed the same thing in Georgia:

Rep. Franklin manages to muddy the fundamentalist waters even further by revealing his true intentions in Section 1, a(15): “The practice of abortion has caused the citizens of this state an inestimable amount economically, including, but not limited to, the costs and tax burden of having to care for individuals and their families for the conditions cited above, as well as significant reduction of the tax base and the availability of workers, entrepreneurs, teachers, employees, and employers that would have significantly contributed to the prosperity of this state.”
I nearly swallowed my own tongue when I saw this. Finally, we have someone who has come right out and said what we’ve suspected all along: Outlawing abortions means more workers to exploit.

The idea of aborted fetuses as a source of labor is making the rounds in the Easter Bunny wing of the GOP. I think we’re seeing the birth of a new strategy.

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17 Responses to The Easter Bunny Wing of the Republican Party: The Georgia Division

  1. Markk says:

    This, to me, is the extension of the Freakonomics arguement that abortion has led to a smaller crime rate. Just the other side of the coin. Of course the Freakonomics duo at least used actually evidence and a complex story to make the point.

  2. Mark says:

    I think you mean the Rabid Easter Bunny Wing of the Republican Party.

  3. Garrett says:

    Wait – there’s a non Easter Bunny wing of the the Republican party?

  4. Wilson says:

    There have been an average of one and a half million abortions a year since 1973 (Roe v Wade) give or take.
    In 33 years thats something like 49 million…49 people age 33 and below who do not exist, but would have.
    The majority of them minorities.
    If you don’t think that affects demographics or the labor pool you are either just stupid or lying.

  5. Mark says:

    Wilson, where do you get your numbers?

  6. Muzzey says:

    In many instances abortion does not change the number of children a woman has, only the timing. Forced to carry a fetus to term, a 22-year old may forego a later, planned pregnancy at time when she would be better equiped to handle raising the child.

  7. Wilson that is hands down one of the most myopic and “voodoo” myth laden statements I’ve ever read.
    Please provide evidence for such a ridiculous statement including all studies that prove that all of these abortions you claim:
    1. would have gone to term
    2. wouldn’t have been stopped by some form of birth control if abortion not been available
    3. would not have changed the timing that these mothers would have had children like Muzzey says
    4. that the majority are minorities
    5 that any change in demographics caused by the abortions would only have been met by an influx of illegal aliens
    6. That the aborted fetuses are predestined to only have careers in jobs that are now being filled by illegal aliens
    The racial undertones of your claims are not unnoticed. You’d also do better to not go around calling people idiots or liars when making wild unsubstantiated claims. Simplistic claims taken from unscientific fear mongering sources with no real science to back them up do nothing but show what type of fool you are.

  8. Berger says:

    See, “Rev.” BigDumbShit.
    As for Wilson calling names and acting like a fool, we all know he is following in your footsteps.

  9. HAHAHA. Rev. BigDumbShit. Hilarious. How long did it take you to think that one up. Man thats good.
    Whew. ok.
    Now to your source. I wasn’t aware that was a recognized scientific organization? It uses the Christian Broadcasting network and other anti-abortion sites as it’s sources? There are some real scientific giants right there. Wilson made the ridiculous claim it’s his burden of proof. Lets hear from some recognized sources instead of propaganda sites like the one you’ve so graciously provided.
    You’ve pretty much proven my point by using a source like that as your basis. Thanks.
    BigDumbShit. hhahahahah still funny.

  10. stogoe says:


    Wait – there’s a non Easter Bunny wing of the the Republican party?

    Well, yeah. There’s the Easter Bunny wing and the McCain/Lieberman “And a Pony” wing (also goes by the name of the Tinkerbell wing, a la ‘keep clapping’).

  11. Greg says:

    “Rev.” BigDumbShit…hahahahahaha!
    AS to “sources”, apparently he has a problem with blacks at complaining about the systematic extermination of their people.
    He wants a “scientific” source…sure, and for anything to be named…google it fool…you can come up with a science whore to counter it.
    The abortion stats are well known.
    He already knows them, in fact.
    So what this proves is that hes a liar.

  12. First Greg thanks for your input however your wrong.
    It’s not my burden to provide reliable sources to bolster Winston’s claim that abortions lead to illegal immigration via a hit to the workforce. The Blackgenocide site is beyond biased and I wouldn’t trust info from it as far as I could throw it let alone any of the sources it uses (CBN led by Pat Robertson a known liar is a prime example).
    Show me the actual stats that prove the correlation that Winston claims in his post. Don’t try and steer the argument into something I never claimed by building your straw-men.

  13. Stine says:

    Tell me what you consider a relilable source. (Your smear on Black is irrelevant; DEMONSTRATE TO ME ANY INACCURACIES. Your assertions are also irrelvant, as is your guilt by association technique.)
    You know its true.
    Why are you evading and denying it?
    Is it because, like many atheists, you favor the elimination of “human weeds”? Margaret Sanger did.
    Try if is too much for you.
    Or give me what you consider a reliable source.

  14. AMA, NIH, accredited Universities, there’s a huge list. The two sites you give me are prime candidates for conspiracy of the week awards.
    And you must demonstrate that there is a direct tie between abortion and an increase in illegal aliens. That is what this Post was about and what my comment was in response to. Please stop trying to steer this away from my original comment.
    Thanks for building another straw-man accusing me of being in favor of as you put it “the elimination of human weeds”.
    It’s quite amusing.

  15. correction, the blackgenocide site is prime for the award. The other site does nothing to address the issue I commented on. Namely abortion leads to illegal immigration.
    Sorry, it’s been a long day of driving.

  16. Steve says:

    Those sites may or may not be reliable, but it is a fact that over 45 million abortions, roughly a third of all pregancies, have taken place in the United States since 1973 (Roe v. Wade.)
    The stats regarding that are hardly the issue, the issue is the effect on illegal immigration; i.e., demographics.
    He raises and interesting point, and it one I want to research. It would seem that terminating that many pregnancies could not help but affect demographics, but it remains to be seen.
    If the indication is that it HAS, then this is an issue that seriously needs to be looked at.
    More later.

  17. I’m not questioning the total number of abortions. I’ll give them that. My questioning is the direct cause and effect of abortion > illegal immigration.
    I would also like to see more credible proof of the break down of the abortions.
    Its just a giant leap from one to the other, and one that typical of the type that some of the pro-“life” folks like to make.

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