Push Da Button

Or for those of you who like more risque post titles, “Beware of the Reach Around.” From the Brad Blog by way of Shakespeare’s Sister:

It seems there’s a little yellow button on the back of every touch-screen computer made by Sequoia Voting Systems, that allows any voter, or poll worker, or precinct inspector to set the system into “Manual Mode” allowing them to cast as many votes as they want.
Concerns about the flaw were first reported some thirty days ago to California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson’s office by Ron Watt, a Tehama County, CA precinct inspector who has been a poll worker in the county for the last fifteen years. And yet, as recently as a radio interview last Tuesday, McPherson — who has been crowing about having the country’s most stringent security process for voting systems — denied he was aware of any security issues with Sequoia systems.
“They didn’t care about it,” Watt told us tonight about his “late September or early October” discussion with McPherson’s voting systems chief Bruce McDannold. “He said he didn’t think it was an important issue. He said I don’t believe this is really a vulnerability.”…
“It’s not the voters we’re worried about doing this,” Courbat said. “It’s the Precinct Captains and Elections Officials across thousands of precincts across the country. This isn’t unique to Riverside or Tehama. Tens of thousands of votes can be stolen across the country,” he added.

Unbelievable. At this point, you simply have politicians covering their asses to obscure their own stupidity. Paper ballots need to be made available to those who want them.

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4 Responses to Push Da Button

  1. fcsuper says:

    They are. It’s call Absentee Ballot! lol BTW, on the CA NOV 2006 ballot props, VOTE NO on everything (again)

  2. That sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor.

  3. Stogoe says:

    I just want to know one thing: is there any industry that politicians haven’t whored themselves out to?

  4. Garrett says:

    Stogoe, I think prostitution is the only one.

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