Whether It’s Congressional Pages or Schoolchildren…

…it’s pretty clear the Republicans don’t give a damn about America’s children. There’s growing evidence that the Republican political establishment doesn’t believe in the Christian Right’s lunacy. So all the hot air about putting intelligent design creationism into the classroom was crapola to placate the Christopath base. In other words, the Republicans were willing to degrade science education, waste time in the classroom, and divert teachers and scientists from doing their real jobs simply to maintain their grip on power.
Heckuva job, Bushists.

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1 Response to Whether It’s Congressional Pages or Schoolchildren…

  1. speedwell says:

    Oh, right, and the Democrat wing of the looney bin is any better. This is symptomatic of a general decline in political integrity (can you go down from zero?), not simply a Republican thing. People who vote Democrat thinking “at least they aren’t Republicans” are going to get a big surprise if the Democrats win.

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